Rattlesnake Mountain

Venturing away from Franconia Notch I would like to take a step into the world of a Plymouth State University student and all of the wonderful opportunities that are available to us. Although we may not know it we are surrounded by beautiful views and long since past history. We truly have a fantastic opportunity right at the tips of our fingers and most often fail to appreciate it. Rattlesnake mountain located in Holderness NH encases all of the beauty, that is the White Mountains. Although it is a relatively short hike the views are astounding. The hiking trail is available to the public for a good majority of the year. Mud season is the only time that hiking it becomes more of a challenge and you are advised to stay off the trail for chances of tearing it apart. Once you have done this hike once you will be hooked and crave for the views at the top. Once you have ascended the trail and completed your climb the top of the mountain over looks the lake surrounded by a dense thicket of trees. You can see for miles on a clear day. I feel as though hiking rattlesnake is one of the many things that should be on any students bucket list and it should get completed before graduating. So, for all you students out there do me a favor and make this a priority before the real world hits and we all have to depart for bigger and better things. Of all the things I told you about this magnificent place nothing compares to actually being able to see it for yourself.


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