Livermore Falls

Livermore falls nestled along the profound Pemigewasset river is a location known to and used by many. Students and locals alike flock to this location during the long hot summer months in order to gain relief from the sweltering heat. I myself thoroughly enjoy this location when it comes to moving back into school at the end of August when the days are hot and sitting through class is almost unbearable.

It’s takes some skill and a little bit of adventure to be able to conquer the task of jumping into the water here. With cliffs to jump from and a rope swing to assist you in soaring through the air it always takes me a minute to talk myself into doing it.

Standing on the edge seconds from jumping you forget the world for a moment as your soaring through the air until the moment your feet slice through the flowing water below. As you fall below the surface the whole world comes flooding back into view as you fight your way back to the top gasping for the breath that the free fall just took away. Swinging from the rope has the same kind of effect on the body giving a sense of freedom until you hit the watery caverns below.

This is definitely not a place for the weak at heart or someone who scares easily. If you have a sense of adventure and seek for an adrenaline rush then this is the place for you. I would put it on my list of things that must be done especially if you are a Plymouth State student


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