Northern Rides

This week I would like to take a step away from specific locations to visit and take a step into the world of the open road. As the air gets colder and the leaves begin to change everyone looks at the “perks” of fall being the colder weather, the pumpkin spice flavored everything, or the ability to go apple picking, but I look at things a little bit differently in the fall.

Being from the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire it was always easy to take the changing weather and the brilliant colors that littered the landscape for granted. But I would like to tell everyone to take the time to appreciate the foliage.

With the drive from Plymouth to the Northern part of the state through Franconia Notch you get a clear view of the changing leaves scattered throughout the mountains. It’s easy to overlook the gorgeous views that we are presented with daily but there is just something about the sun hitting the trees and the colors radiating throughout the landscape that makes it that much harder this time of year. Plus driving through this area grants you access to plenty of hiking trails that would give you access to even better views.


(Personal Photo)


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