Starry Nights

It’s hard to believe that summer is over and fall is now upon us. The days are growing shorter as the nights grow longer and colder. As the day fades into darkness the sky comes alive with the glistening of stars. Spread out among the abyss of black the stars shine bright illuminating the night sky for all.

The sky here in the north is unlike the sky anywhere else. There always seems to be mysterious lights flashing, stars illuminating and falling, and there is just simply a better view of the night. Being away from the city lights makes for a clearer image of what’s happening in the sky above. Constellations are easy to spot and the northern star shines brighter than all the rest.

I have spent many a night on the rooftop, laying in the grass, or simply just gazing up at the beauty of the night. Millions and millions of miles away the stars have always captured my attention. The thought of possible life in places other than here on earth blows my mind. Astrology has to be one of the coolest concepts but also one of the hardest to wrap your head around.

Cool, clear, starry nights are what I live for in the fall. Other than the changing of the leaves and the vibrant colors people come from hundreds of miles away to see the stars just seem so much brighter. Maybe it’s because they come out earlier and stay just a little bit longer or maybe I’m just obsessed but a clear fall night staring at the constellations is by far the best way to spend a night in my book.


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