The Kancamagus

I know that in previous posts I have talked about the drive from Plymouth to Northern NH and how beautiful the scenery is but nothing that I have seen thus far compares to that of a drive down the Kancamagus Highway. The views that you stumble upon driving through the twists and turns of this winding highway are simply breathtaking.

The road has several places where you can pull off to sit and enjoy the beauty of the mountains that surround you. Trees that are changing with the seasons line the perimeter of the road surrounding you with pure and intense beauty. It’s almost as though this road was laid straight through the mountain knowingly with this beauty in mind. Every mile is something new.

Although most may see the trees as all the same and the drive as mundane because the scenery never changes from leaves and trees I feel very differently. I feel as though scenery of this sort is always something new. Everything is always changing whether or not you realize it or not. The leaves are something that are never the same. They are constantly changing with the seasons and we all know that the weather up here is never a constant thing.

This drive is something that needs to be done especially at this time or year. The sights and views are simply breathtaking and people need to see all of the wonders that this drive has to offer.


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