Bretton Woods

Bretton Woods New Hampshire has many a spectacle to be seen and explored. Not only do they offer excellent skiing and snowboarding accommodations but they also offer lodging with spectacular views, and many a swimming hole to be explored. The Mount Washington Hotel nestled at the base of the world famous Mount Washington has housed many a person wishing to experience the spectacular views and all of the fun to be explored.

Although it is a time of year dreaded by many it’s getting to be about that time when snow starts to fall and tourists from all over New England venture into NH for the wonderful skiing and snowboarding conditions that we have to offer here. Bretton Woods resort is one of many located in the state that people tend to flock to. They are located in a beautiful area in a relatively close vicinity to everything that could be needed by someone while on vacation.

Being a local to the resort I have spent many a snow day on this mountain enjoying the amazing conditions. During school vacations good luck finding a parking spot and getting on the lifts in less than twenty minutes though. Tourists find this area absolutely stunning and take full advantage of their time off.

At the top of the mountain you will find a restaurant with fantastic views of the Mount Washington Hotel and the mountain itself. Also there is a candy shop located at the top for all of those with a sweet tooth while on the slopes.

Bretton is one place I suggest you check out before this winter is over. Although I find them to be a little pricy other than on Sunday’s for local residents (reasons being a local has it’s perks) it is well worth the money. They have a bunch of trails for people of all levels and they maintain the trails well. Definitely a place you should check out if you haven’t already.


(Personal image from the chair lift)


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