Mount Washington

The White Mountains Region is one of those places that has many wonders to behold even though they may not seem all that spectacular to some. Mount Washington is one of the greatest wonders located among these mountains.

This location is known for having the worlds worst weather. Located on top of the mountain is the Mount Washington observatory and some of the weather conditions that they experience especially in the winter months is unreal. The ice that they have accumulate up there is insane and everything needs to be chained down to keep it in place.

There are times when the temperatures get unbelievably low. It often doesn’t seem possible for it to get as cold as it does up there. Through out the year it is possible to either hike, drive or take the cog up the mountain in order to reach the summit. The cog railway takes you from the bottom to the top and back down for a fee.

Although you have several options of reaching the top you have to plan accordingly depending on the time of year. You never know what it’s going to be like weather wise up there making it hard to predict what kind of conditions you are going to run into.


Cannon Mountain

Not only does Cannon Mountain offer some of the most intense ski conditions in the North Country but they also offer spectacular views year round. From summer to winter there is always something going on to attract the tourists.

In the summer and winter alike the tram runs in order to bring guests to the top of the mountain whether it be to ski or to walk around and hike. In the summer for a nominal fee you can ride the tram to the top and upon departure you can venture through all of the wooded trails and climb to the top of a wooden tower in order to overlook the mountains.

In the winter the ski conditions can be brutal. From large patches of glare ice to high winds this mountain has it all. They say that learning to ski cannon is one of the best things you can do. Once you learn to handle the terrible conditions it will carry over to other mountains. Personally I agree with these statements because I learned to ski cannon and have had the ability to ski many other places because I was used to the terrible conditions.




Snow Crested Mountains

As fall draws to a close in the North Country (the land above Franconia Notch) and cold weather begins to set in snow begins to blanket the mountain tops. The beauty of snow blanketed amongst the trees high up on the top of a mountain is like that of none other. Although winter may not be the beloved season of everyone the beauty it withholds is unbelievable.

In order to get anywhere in this beautiful state you have to encounter mountains at some point especially when it comes to driving north. From the moment you set forth on the journey mountains crowd your view. It looks almost as though they extend deep into the depths of the sky touching the clouds as they pass by. It’s almost as though they reach up and grab the snow straight out of the sky.

On my journey back to Plymouth this evening I really took into consideration the beauty of the magical state that we live in. I always disregarded everything as being mediocre and thought that people were crazy for wanting to come here for the scenery. But as I have grown up and gotten older I have come to the realization that not everywhere is as wonderful as the state that I get to call home.

My hometown is surrounded in mountains no matter where you look. Being able to gaze off in the distance and see the beautifully snow crested mountain tops is truly a gift that far too many take for granted. The thin blanket of white with green tree tops poking through catches my attention whether I notice it or not. Nature has slowly become more of a topic of discussion for me and I tend to appreciate it more and more each time I write a post about it.

Woodland Wonders

There is nothing quite so mystical as the wilderness and what lies behind the barrier of trees. The entrance to the forest is very misleading. The trees seem so inviting luring you in with the wave of their leaves, a shake of their boughs in a cool autumn breeze. Everything that extends beyond is a mystery to all.

The crunch of the leaves, the crack of sticks, the shatter of silence beneath your feet is as breathtaking as the sights themselves. Trees covered in brilliant colors, or blanketed in last nights snowfall. The ground littered in debris or layered in footprints. The untrodden paths as tempting as ever.

Following the footprints of an animal long since gone in hopes of finding the mystical creature that created the path. The bark of the trees either peeling or thick, sturdy, and rough. It’s hard to believe that this beautifully, peaceful silence had been altered prior to your endeavor.

The sights and sounds that ruminate throughout the forest are like that of nothing else. Everyone has a happy place and this just so happens to work for me. The peace and quiet makes it for an excellent place to escape. Although there are fears of the unknown the enchantment of the wood is unbearable and eventually draws you in. It’s hard to deny that there is great beauty in the wonders of the wilderness. The woods of New Hampshire especially within the North Country are some that definitely need to be explored by all.

Winter Wonders

Lets take a step back this week and look at the bigger picture of what the North Country has to offer. This week I don’t have a specific place in mind, no real attraction but rather a general area, more or less a moment in time, a season.

The temperatures have begun to fall and we have since experienced the first (dreaded by many) snow flurry of the year. Although winter in this part of the country lasts ruthlessly for six out of the twelve months a year it is a beautiful time to be here.

Many people come to visit for the wonderful sights and scenes when the leaves begin to change and the world is on fire with brilliant hues of red and orange but that’s not the only time this wonderful place is outstanding. During the winter months it may be brutally cold, the conditions may be absolutely terrible when it comes to driving but there is nothing more breathtaking than waking up on a cold winter morning and looking out the window to a fresh blanket of crystal clear snow reflecting the early morning sun.

It feels as though time stops even if just for a moment when the world is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Everything is frozen and there is nothing more spectacular than standing out in the middle of a frozen lake gliding over a sheet of glass watching the sun set setting the entire sky on fire. It’s hard to compare such a wonderful sight.

Although many dread this time of year and wish they were in a warmer place I find it stunning and feel as though taking time to appreciate it is important.