Winter Wonders

Lets take a step back this week and look at the bigger picture of what the North Country has to offer. This week I don’t have a specific place in mind, no real attraction but rather a general area, more or less a moment in time, a season.

The temperatures have begun to fall and we have since experienced the first (dreaded by many) snow flurry of the year. Although winter in this part of the country lasts ruthlessly for six out of the twelve months a year it is a beautiful time to be here.

Many people come to visit for the wonderful sights and scenes when the leaves begin to change and the world is on fire with brilliant hues of red and orange but that’s not the only time this wonderful place is outstanding. During the winter months it may be brutally cold, the conditions may be absolutely terrible when it comes to driving but there is nothing more breathtaking than waking up on a cold winter morning and looking out the window to a fresh blanket of crystal clear snow reflecting the early morning sun.

It feels as though time stops even if just for a moment when the world is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Everything is frozen and there is nothing more spectacular than standing out in the middle of a frozen lake gliding over a sheet of glass watching the sun set setting the entire sky on fire. It’s hard to compare such a wonderful sight.

Although many dread this time of year and wish they were in a warmer place I find it stunning and feel as though taking time to appreciate it is important.


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