Woodland Wonders

There is nothing quite so mystical as the wilderness and what lies behind the barrier of trees. The entrance to the forest is very misleading. The trees seem so inviting luring you in with the wave of their leaves, a shake of their boughs in a cool autumn breeze. Everything that extends beyond is a mystery to all.

The crunch of the leaves, the crack of sticks, the shatter of silence beneath your feet is as breathtaking as the sights themselves. Trees covered in brilliant colors, or blanketed in last nights snowfall. The ground littered in debris or layered in footprints. The untrodden paths as tempting as ever.

Following the footprints of an animal long since gone in hopes of finding the mystical creature that created the path. The bark of the trees either peeling or thick, sturdy, and rough. It’s hard to believe that this beautifully, peaceful silence had been altered prior to your endeavor.

The sights and sounds that ruminate throughout the forest are like that of nothing else. Everyone has a happy place and this just so happens to work for me. The peace and quiet makes it for an excellent place to escape. Although there are fears of the unknown the enchantment of the wood is unbearable and eventually draws you in. It’s hard to deny that there is great beauty in the wonders of the wilderness. The woods of New Hampshire especially within the North Country are some that definitely need to be explored by all.


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