Snow Crested Mountains

As fall draws to a close in the North Country (the land above Franconia Notch) and cold weather begins to set in snow begins to blanket the mountain tops. The beauty of snow blanketed amongst the trees high up on the top of a mountain is like that of none other. Although winter may not be the beloved season of everyone the beauty it withholds is unbelievable.

In order to get anywhere in this beautiful state you have to encounter mountains at some point especially when it comes to driving north. From the moment you set forth on the journey mountains crowd your view. It looks almost as though they extend deep into the depths of the sky touching the clouds as they pass by. It’s almost as though they reach up and grab the snow straight out of the sky.

On my journey back to Plymouth this evening I really took into consideration the beauty of the magical state that we live in. I always disregarded everything as being mediocre and thought that people were crazy for wanting to come here for the scenery. But as I have grown up and gotten older I have come to the realization that not everywhere is as wonderful as the state that I get to call home.

My hometown is surrounded in mountains no matter where you look. Being able to gaze off in the distance and see the beautifully snow crested mountain tops is truly a gift that far too many take for granted. The thin blanket of white with green tree tops poking through catches my attention whether I notice it or not. Nature has slowly become more of a topic of discussion for me and I tend to appreciate it more and more each time I write a post about it.


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