Mount Washington

The White Mountains Region is one of those places that has many wonders to behold even though they may not seem all that spectacular to some. Mount Washington is one of the greatest wonders located among these mountains.

This location is known for having the worlds worst weather. Located on top of the mountain is the Mount Washington observatory and some of the weather conditions that they experience especially in the winter months is unreal. The ice that they have accumulate up there is insane and everything needs to be chained down to keep it in place.

There are times when the temperatures get unbelievably low. It often doesn’t seem possible for it to get as cold as it does up there. Through out the year it is possible to either hike, drive or take the cog up the mountain in order to reach the summit. The cog railway takes you from the bottom to the top and back down for a fee.

Although you have several options of reaching the top you have to plan accordingly depending on the time of year. You never know what it’s going to be like weather wise up there making it hard to predict what kind of conditions you are going to run into.


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